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11 September 2012 @ 12:11 am
Waaaaaaaaah!! *excitment* 8D *dancing ...in the secret* xD

I just had to post about my new layout xD It's so pretty~ *-* Well, Aiba is the pretty one x3 that's what makes this whole thing pretty xD hahaha. I sooooo love this picture of him x3 I love the whole photo shoot *-* I wanted to buy the magazine when I was in Japan (=O oh yes! I haven't even commented about my trip to Japan here DX I'll try to do it one of these days x_x...) but when I saw it I din't have money to buy it because I hadn't gone to the ATM ;_; and then, when I had money, I didn't see it again! DX But, well, I have the scans xD 

WAAAAAHHHH!! Just agh... I love it!! xD

And new icon too x3 chou sekushi!! x3 

Aybaby layout 2

I guess that's it for now, I have to go take a shower xD Let me know how you're doing, ok?! :D 


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27 May 2012 @ 08:42 am

It's 8:17 in the morning and I spent the whole stupid night doing school stuff porquerías (something like 'crap' in English xD but I'm so disgusted that I had to say it in Spanish u.u) and I was so sick of everything and even my brain hurt and I didn't even finish!! DX! But I couldn't just go to sleep, I needed something to make me feel better and I found some Beautiful World DVD performances, so I downloaded a couple of them "Janakute" 8DDDDDDDDD and "Ashita no Kioku" and and and *-*
so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I have to say that Aiba-chu looks just gorgeous *-* DX ;__________; <- he makes me feel all that xD Really, I came back to life after watching those performances x3 So, once again: thank you Arashi for making me happy even when I'm drained and sick of everything! DX I love you ;_;

A LOT of things have happened, not so good things x_X and I can't write a lot more right now, but thanks everyone for your messages, I'll answer them as soon as I can and I'll tell you why I've not been able to update or anything (>.<)

Pretty man, to make the entry look pretty x3

Handsomeness and cuteness 8DCollapse )

See you later!! Chu~


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29 February 2012 @ 11:55 pm
Hiiiii!!! 8D *waves*

Today is a special day, only because it's the 29th xD And only because of that I felt like posting something, there's nothing special I want to say or anything, I just felt like posting xD

And since I've been watching Aibaby's Friendship performance almost everyday and I adore one special moment, I decided to post a gif xD Yeah, I know, nothing new: Aiba is pretty and cute and I love him, same old, same old xD

So here it is February 29th Aiba xD

Isn't he cute?!?! x3

That's it!! xD

Bye-bye :3 *waves again* 

10 February 2012 @ 02:53 am
I have to say that I'm having another Aiba-love attack DX!! ;______________; Taiheeeeeeen!! hahaha xD

It's really too much for my poor heart!! For a few days now I've been melting every time I see him u.u Is it me or is he really looking extra awesome nowadays? ._. Tell me!!! DX!!!! xD

Oh Masaki, you're pretty!! (>.<) <3

I've downloaded (yes! We can still download, we can share, even if some horrible greedy people took our Megaupload away from us!! DX Sorry but that still hurts DX And I'm still worried about all those stupid, crazy laws DXXXXXX Vote against them and do whatever you can to stop those *bleep* ...yeah them DX! *deep breath* Let's go back to the happy topic...) *ehem* So! I downloaded, a bunch of things actually, but I've only had time to watch a couple of them x_X (I said "Let's go back to the happy topic"! Ignore that last sentence and let's be happy xD) I watched Aibaby-darling-sweety-pie on ZIP! and OH MY GOD!!!!! DX HE LOOKS SO TREMENDOUSLY HANDSOME THERE!!! DX!!! MY HEEEEEEAAAART!!!!! DX hahahaha xD Sorry, but he deserves all those capital letters xD You don't believe me!?!? u.u Well, just take a look then, douzo~

MY HEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAART!!! DX ...and other parts of my body as well xD Oh my! These hormones are really something!! xD

More Masaki rabu <3Collapse )

Italian, Frech, University... You can ignore this xDCollapse )

And that would be all for today :) Sorry it was so long, but my posts are always like this, right? xD It's because I don't post very often, sorry, sorry xP

Thanks if you read/comment/enjoy Masaki baby's prettiness!! xD 

<3 *chu* See you~

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12 January 2012 @ 02:53 am

I was happily surfing the net (xD) when I found this, it didn't turn out so good with "Lucy" so I used "Lucía" and look:

Nice, huh? 8D *-* <3 xD And the Nino thing... Not true!! I do like him u.u xD And well, I think I'm just like him, to be honest. People always think I'm younger! xD Many times people have thought that my brother is older than me and I'm almost 4 years older than him xD

As you can see, I still have some free time before all the school craziness starts again (>.<), but I don't wanna think about it yet xD I just found this somewhere and decided to make a post xP 

And since I'm here, I know it's sooooo late but: HAPPY 2012!! :)

Oh!! And thanks to you lovely people who wished me a happy birthday!! (>.<) *hugs*

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22 November 2011 @ 01:01 am
Hiiiiii!!! I've been busy ...as usual DX And now I'm sick =S But I'm feeling better already. I haven't felt too bad, to be honest o.O Only two nights ago when my gorge? xD No! Throat!! xD Well, my throat felt as if some cat had scratched it! Dx And I'm sooooooo behind on the updates around here! DX I was trying to catch up, actually. But I'm just reading posts from November 6th!! DX See? So behind, right? Too many things to do and so little time in the day ;_; 

But anyways, that's not what I'm here for. The thing is that a while ago I was reading a Tegomass concert report <3 when something happened... xD Oh, it's too awesome!! My mom asked my brother for the phone so she could call my uncle and when my brother went out of his room he asked her "Were you watching Arashi with Lucy?" xDDD He was talking about Arashi's concert 5x10 which I often watch with my mom because there's nothing better on TV! xP And my mom was like "No, I was watching it by myself" xDDD hahahaha xD How awesome is that?!?! xD And then she said to me, from the living room because I've been in my room the whole time, well, she said "He said 'sayounara'" xD Yeah, my mom is random like that xD I just burst out laughing when I heard what she said... xD Oh! She was talking about Jun, because yep, she likes Jun xD

So that's it. I just had to make a post about it! xD It's important when your mom becomes a fan because of your influence, don't you think? xD

Pretty Arashi for everyone~

When we were watching it the other day, my mom said "Awww,how cute!! *o*" at this... 


Aaand she laughed at this... xD

Aaaaand I almost burst her right eardrum with my laughter, when I watched this... Dx

xDDD Oh, Riidaa, you're just so awesome!! xD

Love you guys!! ...my mom and I!!! xD

...aaaaand I went to have dinner and now it turns out that this little story happened yesterday xP

See you~~~ :3

*Gifs are from [info]dscntnuedfreak
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12 October 2011 @ 04:35 am
Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 8D *waves*

School stuff, NEWS no bad news DX, some MBLAQ...Collapse )

Oooooh!! And and and, I know it's really late ;_; I'm so so so sorry!! I wanted to send you a message, but I had a huge bunch of stuff to do, and then it already felt kinda weird to congratulate you after so many days ;_; But, but I still wanna say it: Happy SO BELATED birthday, Sap-chan!!! (>.<) *huuuuuge hug* I hope you had a great day, and will have an awesome year!! :3 Thanks for always being so sweet!! (>.<) Here's some cake and cute Massu with flower for you :D
Which one do you like better?? 8D hahaha xD

I'm really going now!! See youuuuuuu!!! :3


Pretty layout by [info]mooboohlayouts ^^
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04 July 2011 @ 10:07 am

Yaaaaaaaaay!! Today is Massu-chu no otanjoubi, yaaaaaaay!!! *throws confetti* 8D Yaaaaaaay!!!

Words...Collapse )


Massu-chu <3Collapse )



I took me more than an hour O.o... Off to bed!! (>.<)
See you~~~ ^^

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19 June 2011 @ 04:56 am

Yaaaaaaaay!! Yaaaaaaaaay!! <- Like lovely Arashi boys love to say while in concert 8Db hahahaha xD

As you can see, I changed my layout!! *-* *claps* I fiiiiiiinally learnt how to do it (>.<) It took me ...I don't even know how long!! I just know it's been ...a lot of months!! xD But nevermind, I did it! Finally! Yaaaaaay!! 8D *more clapping*

And now the confession u.u... Ready?? *deep breath* Here it goes:

I sooooo love Nino's face!!! ;_;


Yeah, that's the truth 8Db I love his cute puppy eyes 8D and his little squishable nose 8D and his super cute little mouth 8D To me Nino's face looks like this -> :3.

xDDDDD See?? With mole and everything, can you see it?!?! Isn't it super cute?!?! xDDD

So, since it's still Nino's month and I found this super pretty layout *-* I decided to use it. Do you like it? I surely do :3 *thumbs up*

Well, I guess that would be it for now, I'll go watch the Scene Tour Dome DVD *-* I'll come back and flail about it!! *-*

I have some time in my hands now so I'll be around ne! More yaaaaay!! 8D

See you sooooooon!!! =D *waves*

Pretty layout by keyzti@ rainbowdump ^^v
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24 April 2011 @ 04:17 am

After reading a super dense and depressing manga and trying to clear my head by looking for some Arashi stuff ooooonly to find a rumor about Aiba going out with some actress... DX!! I suddenly felt the need to listen to this song x_X  It's been a while since I listened to it, but I like MxPx and in a weird twisted way it felt 'good' listening to it T_T?

...I was going through an Aiba-love phase ;______; and the manga was so sad and I guess I'm too weak DX!

Douzo ;___;...

MXPX LYRICS "Broken Hearted"

I’m broken hearted, broken hearted for you
So don’t get me started on repairs
I know what you’re gonna do
You’ll break it again
I know I can’t win
You’ll just break my heart again

Lyircs...Collapse )

Lyrics taken from http://www.plyrics.com/lyrics/mxpx/brokenhearted.html

Sorry for the depressing post (>.<)!

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